Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Healing Arts Center

In October I will be moving to LA for a bit. And I am looking for a job were I can thrive. I really want to open my own healing arts center.! An expansion of what I created at Lincoln and with Teen Art Explosion. Any one have any hooks.... Below is a reference letter that one of my

colleagues wrote for me.

July 19, 2010
I am Vinya Sankaran Vasu, Principa
l at Lincoln Child Center in Oakland, CA. I have worked with Lisa for the last three years when Lisa was working as an Art teacher andTransformative Art therapist. I have had the wonderful opportunity of witnessing Lisa’s growth as a teacher, therapist, advocate, event coordinator and most of all as a leader in the art department.
Lincoln serves children with severe emotional and behavior problems. The children have a difficult time managing their trauma and struggle to cope with their feelings. Lisa created an art space, which is a safe haven for all our students. The children have used this space to vent, express and reflect on their lives. Lisa works with the children at an intrinsic level at there pace and
directs her work based on the child’s interest, temperament and preference. She has been instrumental in letting our children use art as a medium to express their frustrations, joys and happiness. It has been a true inspiration watching her work with the most escalated children and helping them come down to baseline in such a beautiful and constructive way. The hundreds of art pieces in display around the Lincoln campus are a true testimony to this fact. Unlike traditional art rooms in schools where children u
se crayons, pencils and markers, Lisa lets our children explore with different kinds of paints, unique shades and makes use of unique mediums like canvas, masks and the earth to express their artistic capabilities. This wonderful opportunity has been instrumental in helping the kids get motivated and helped them express themselves in very powerful ways.

Lisa created the mission of the Lincoln Art Department. Her passion in making art accessible and engaging for all children has made the art program at Lincoln unique and phenomenal. Lisa worked tirelessly to help staff at Lincoln understand the value of art and the power it had in bringing out the best in our children. She worked with several children in displaying their works of art in several exhibitions, galleries and special events. Lisa created the Arts of Transformation event. This annual event displays children’s work of art in a gallery in Sausalito and gives a monetary reward to our student artists from the proceeds of the show. Lisa has also conducted several Art shows, PR events and procured noteworthy art grants for Lincoln.
Lisa is a true artist who strives to help students and adults see the power of art and identify the artists in themselves. She has made a phenomenal difference at Lincoln Child Center and will be a priceless asset to any agency. I am very proud to recommend Lisa and wish her all success in her mission.

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Art of Transformation-Igniting Creativity Art workshop series (Santa Monica)

The Art of Transformation-Igniting Creativity Art Workshop Series
will hosted in the amazing and transcendent Palisades Park
with Award winning Transformational Art Educator, Creative Coach, and Mentor
Lisa Rasmussen M.F.A.


This six week class is great for professional and non-professional artists alike. The class concentrates on personal and artistic transformation using different techniques and mediums to encourage creativity.
The participants in the “Art is Life; Life is Art” class are encouraged and guided to discover the power of their own creativity and the value of what that can teach them. The ultimate intention of this workshop is to teach and reveal that art is a gift that is latent in everyone and that it has the ability to transform our lives as well as the potential to transform the world we live in.

If interested please e-mail Lisa at for more information.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Transforming Rejection into Reception

When I first began at Lincoln in January 2006 I walked into the art room and I was shocked I said out loud "where is the ART"? At this time little if any art was being facilitated, The greatest thing is I started with a blank slate. Great things began happening over the next four years
Below is my vision. The most amazing thing is it manifested! Over the past years countless numbers of folks were touched by the Art that was created by these amazing kids. Also, folks became aware of the plight of many of the at-risk and marginalized youth that I served. The artists were enriched and transformed by the folks that acquired their art. They were truly validated on many levels and empowered through what they created with there own imagination. They also received $50.00 for each painting that was sold. Over the past four years these amazing artist received thousands of dollars for their powerful work. One of the therapist yesterday complemented my program she said , " When you are gone there is going to be a huge, a vast hole in the milieu.. what you have done with these kids through art and its process is real healing and real therapy."

The children in the “Art is Life; Life is Art” class are encouraged and guided to discover the power of their own creativity and the value of what that can teach them. The ultimate intention of the art program is to teach and reveal that art is a gift that is latent in everyone and that it has the ability to transform our lives as well as the potential to transform the world we live in.

The formula of the mentoring art studio, along with the publication and exhibition of our children’s art, works on multiple levels .

  • In realizing the power of their imagination our children start to understand and activate problem solving skills, healthy expression, accountability, and responsibility.
  • The art program also develops the capacity for creative expression increasing their sense of personal identity and pride. As well as learning that art is a tool of expression and communication.
  • exhibition opportunities for their work as well as publication of their work, is validating their art and enhancing their self-esteem
  • It fosters socialization and inclusion in our classes and on field trips to museums, art galleries, artists' studios and community events.
  • It increases the public's understanding and awareness of the artistic and creative abilities of our children

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Butterfly Man

This is from the gallery from my transformational art teaching at a Mental Health agency for Emotionally Disturbed and at-risk youth-Ages 5-14 in Oakland, CA.


This was created by one of my art students his name was Austin, age eight. When I interviewed him about what does art mean to him. He said "Art is just good stuff." He titled this piece the "Butterfly Man." I saw Austin transform just like a butterfly in my art class. He was amazing to teach and I will never forget him.The kids dubbed my art room the "calm room." That it was! lots of magic went on in there.

Monday, September 6, 2010

quintessential quotes

To be an artist is to believe in life.
Claude Monet